Diczfalusy Foundation


Purpose of the Foundation

Supporting scientific work conducted in the field of improving reproductive health, recognising scientific results achieved so far. Launching new research programs, supporting the exchange of junior scientists, promoting and supporting lectures and publications on the subject of reproductive health, organising scientific events. Granting yearly the Diczfalusy Medal, to acknowledge the scientific work carried out by a basic or a clinical scientist and her/his life-time scientific achievements. Presenting, also on a yearly basis the Diczfalusy Award to a researcher under the age of 40, working in the above-mentioned field.

In order to achieve its purposes the Foundation will:

-support the further training of physicians, other professionals and health care workers, as well as assist them to attend conferences in Hungary or abroad;
-launch new research programs in the subject of improving reproductive health;
-support the exchange of scientists and young clinicians;
-organise scientific conferences and congresses;
-promote and support informative lectures and publications;
-organise annually the Diczfalusy Scientific Meeting;
-present the Diczfalusy Medal and the Diczfalusy Award.