Privacy policy

► How can I review your conferences and gather information about them?
You can find all necessary information about our events under Events, even if you are not registered or logged in. By clicking on the name of the conference you can also download the related documents under Downloads.

► How can I register on this site?
You can start registration by clicking on New user registration at the Home page. Please provide accurate data for the registration, with special regard to your e-mail address! After clicking Registration you will get your activation link to this mailbox, please click on this link before entering the site. Registration can be paused at any time, you can save your data and go on with the registration later by clicking Save data key. Registration can be completed on the last page by clicking Registration. We would like to kindly remind you that registration is possible only once for any user of the STAND-ART Web-system! If necessary, you can update or modify your data any time.

► How can I apply for a conference on this site?
To apply for a conference, you have to register to our database under New user registration, then you can choose the conference you would like to apply for under Events, and by clicking on On-line registration you can start the application.

► How will I know if my registration to a conference was successful?
If your registration was successful, our system sends an automatic confirmation to your mailbox, then our colleague will send you an invoice, a postal check or a credit card payment form depending on the chosen method of payment. Moreover, you can check your applications by signing in to our system and clicking on Conference registrations, where you can edit or delete them.

► What should I do if I cannot/would not like to register to your database, but I am intended to attend a conference?
In this case you can choose the conference you are interested in under Events, then you can download a printable Registration form under Downloads. You can send this form back via e-mail, fax or post.

► How can I submit an abstract?
To submit an abstract, you have to register to our database under New user registration, then you can choose an event under Events and start editing your abstract by clicking on On-line abstract submission.

► What happens if I cannot finish submitting my abstract?
You can save each steps during editing your abstract, therefore it will not be deleted in case of signing out. In case you are ready, you still do not have to submit your abstract until you wish to, since the system stores them as Not Submitted abstracts. You can preview, edit or delete them under Submitted abstracts after signing in.

► What should I do if someone else (e.g. a company) pays my participation/accommodation fee?
After choosing a conference and starting on-line registration please change the Billing Information to the person or company who/which undertakes to pay your expenses.